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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe | Australia

by Hamza Jamal |

Meal replacement shakes are a safe product to consume because they contain the macro and micronutrients of a well-balanced meal – we're talking protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, and pre and probiotics.

Another factor is how meal replacement shakes can steer you clear of bad food choices when your energy levels hit rock bottom. You can make a shake in minutes with nothing more than tap water and a shaker (or blender), so it can help massively with calorie control at home, work, and everywhere in-between.

Shakes aren't the most exciting thing to consume, but they serve as a convenient and nutritious meal replacement whether you're strapped for time, don't fancy eating, or want to know what's going into your body.

What the Science Says

Most studies looking at meal replacement shakes focus on obesity and weight loss rather than safety - these show that replacing two meals per day with a shake positively affects weight loss and hunger control [1,2] with no observed malnutrition or energy problems.

Another helpful study [3] looking into how meal replacement shakes affect body composition found that replacing a lunchtime meal with a 388kcal shake for 12 weeks improves body composition with gender-specific glucose and blood pressure reduction.

Ingredients and Quantities Matter

What you should get in a meal replacement shake is a recipe containing a balanced meal's carbohydrates, fibre, protein, and fat profile.  

Most shakes provide around 20% of your daily calorie intake per serving—for example, vybey Complete Meal Powder offers 390 calories per serving.

After consuming a high-quality meal replacement shake, you should feel full—not bloated—with no blood sugar drop-off. The shake should also make you feel energised and ready for the day, not tired or lethargic.

But not all meal replacement shakes are created equal, and it really isn't a sin to say that some of them are nothing more than hit and hope, a mashup of ingredients that hit all the right notes on paper but don't hit your stomach right.
When looking at meal replacement shakes, you want (per serving):

  •         25-30g of protein.
  •         5-12g of fat.
  •         35 – 50g of carbs.
  •         Less than 2g of sugar.
  •         5-12g of fibre.
  •         350 to 380mg of sodium.

This is a very basic recipe that most meal replacement shakes follow, although the best shakes also bring vitamins, minerals, and pre-and probiotics to your stomach to replicate not just a balanced meal but a healthy one.

A Nutritional Symphony: Unveiling vybey's Ingredients

A Nutritional Symphony: Unveiling vybey's Ingredients

Now imagine a shake that combines the wholesome goodness of real food with the precision of scientific nutrition - that's what you'll find in vybey Complete Meal Powder, crafted with an impressive array of natural ingredients.

vybey contains oats, pea protein (plant-based only), milk and whey protein (dairy-based only), rice, organic flax seeds, coconut oil, organic coconut flour, organic cocoa (plant-based only), corn and a balanced mix of 26 vitamins & minerals.

Our healthy approach to producing meal replacement shakes doesn't piggyback on other brand's successes nor does it use "hype" ingredients.

vybey's vitamin profile includes:



The quantities of these ingredients are the key to vybey's great nutritional profile. For example, the chocolate caramel flavour hits 30% of your biotin, 61% of your B2, and 42% of your vitamin E daily recommended intake.



When you choose a high-quality product like vybey Complete Meal Powder and use it as part of a balanced diet, meal replacement shakes are safe and can be a game-changer for busy lifestyles, providing a nutrient-dense meal on the go.

Meal replacement shakes aren't protein shakes made by accident, and they are nothing like the mass gainers bodybuilders use to plow themselves with calories – they are healthy drinks you can consume without any guilt.

Our meal replacement shake provides a complete, nutritious meal without overloading you with hidden sugars and unhealthy fats. Grab a vybey Starter Pack and taste your way to meal replacement glory, handy shaker included.

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