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Is vybey Good for You | Australia

by Hamza Jamal |

vybey makes great-tasting, nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes alongside exciting nootropics supplements that can improve your health.

The ingredients in vybey are always 100% natural, with scientifically considered dosing to ensure satisfaction with every serving.

Getting started with vybey is as easy as ordering a vybey Starter Pack and giving it a whirl as part of your everyday routine – you’ll get a shaker with your pack and two scoops, making it a doddle to whip up something good anytime.

vybey’s health kicks

All vybey products are good for you but in different ways.

Complete Meal Powder

vybey Complete Meal Powder is a meal replacement shake that exceeds the nutritional profile of a super-healthy meal.

We’re talking about an ideal protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fibre profile, with a dose of pre and probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals.

One serving gives your body around a quarter of its energy needs, and it takes a few minutes to make with a shaker or blender – super easy.

What makes vybey Complete Meal Powder super healthy is the ratio of ingredients and the inclusion of the nootropic lion’s mane extract, made from an edible mushroom with a long history of enhancing cognitive performance.

The perfectly balanced macro and micronutrient profile of vybey Complete Meal Powder is lightyears ahead of most other meal replacement shakes. Inferior products aren’t necessarily unhealthy but do not contain as many good ingredients.

The result is a meal replacement shake that is good for physical and brain health and tastes delicious, too.

We offer Complete Meal Powder in Vanilla and Chocolate Caramel flavours, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Replacing sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and other lunch items with a healthy shake is a fantastic way to control your calories and stay in shape.

Innovative ingredients like nootropics that actually work, 100% natural flavourings, and well-known probiotics ensure vybey meal replacement shakes are safe.

Health breakdown:

  •         Balanced nutrition in every meal.
  •         Slow and fast energy release.
  •         Less than 400 kcal per serving.
  •         Brain-boosting nootropics.
  •         Vitamins and minerals for bodily functions.
  •         Pre and probiotics to ensure good digestion.

Braincare Smart Focus

Braincare Smart Focus is a nootropic coffee replacement with antioxidants and adaptogenic compounds that protect the brain from oxidative stress.

The main ingredient of both Matcha Cacao and Cacao flavours is cacao powder, rich in flavanols that support brain blood flow and cognitive function.

The Cacao flavour contains green bean caffeine extract for a dose of natural caffeine, and the Cocoa Matcha version uses matcha green tea powder for the same – green tea also contains L-Theanine, a known stress and sleep improver [1].

Other ingredients in both flavours include lion’s mane, which enhances brain function, and Peruvian maca root extract, which increases energy and mental acuity.

Several ingredients also play the dual role of health benefits and flavour, like turmeric and cinnamon bark powder, which give the dish a hearty, warming taste.

All the ingredients in vybey Braincare Smart Focus are proven safe for human consumption, and decades of research support their use as food ingredients.

Health breakdown:

  •         Solid caffeine hit for focus (35-40 mg).
  •         Low natural sugars.
  •         Low sodium.
  •         Extremely high in B vitamins.
  •         Energy-boosting food ingredients like cordyceps.

Braincare Smart Greens

Braincare Smart Greens is a nutritionally dense food supplement powder that can be added to shakes, porridge, soups, or other liquid meals to enhance brain health.

Only natural flavours and ingredients are in Smart Greens, including spirulina powder, a type of cyanobacteria high in protein and vitamins, barley and wheat grass powders for bulk, hemp protein, matcha green tea powder, maca root powder, beetroot powder, rhubarb root powder, and vegan omega-3 powder.

We combine those powerful ingredients with apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, cranberry, acai berry, goji, and blueberry fruit powders and extracts, which benefit bodily functions like immunity and energy regulation [2].

The result? 100% healthy brain food to enhance your cognitive function. But that isn’t all—we also include flax seed, Reishi mushroom, turmeric, ginger root, chicory soluble root fibre, and bacillus coagulans to ensure it goes down well.

The benefit of Smart Greens is that it packs multiple nutritious ingredients into one convenient drink. Consuming all these separate ingredients is impossible, and choosing just one or two will have fewer health benefits.

Smart greens can be taken at any time of the day, although most people like to drink them as a standalone product in the morning or lunchtime.

Health breakdown:

  •         54 vitamins, minerals, and wholefood sources.
  •         Supports digestion with pre and probiotics.
  •         Metabolism and energy-boosting ingredients.
  •         Antioxidants to support brain health.
  •         Exciting combination of super fruits and herbs.

Combining vybey health supplements

Just as you can add additional ingredients to shakes, you can combine vybey health supplements to enhance their nutritional profiles.

For instance, if you buy the vybey starter pack containing vybey Complete Meal Powder and Braincare Smart Greens, you can mix them in your shaker.

Combining supplements will give you a more intense nutritional hit per serving, making getting all your desired benefits easier per meal.

Alternatively, you can take them at different times – Braincare Smart Focus can replace your morning coffee, and Complete Meal Powder can replace a sandwich at lunchtime. Breaking it up is easy when everything comes in separate sachets.

All vybey meal replacement shakes and Braincare products are cross-compatible, so you can safely mix and enjoy them together.

The best way to try everything is with a starter pack—mix and match all the products that interest you most. The best-value item is the vybey Starter Bundle, which contains all three products covered in our article.

All vybey products are backed by science

There isn’t an ingredient in a vybey product that doesn’t have scientific evidence as being beneficial for health – either in isolation for bodily functions or in general for something like immunity, mental health, and sleep.

For example, meal replacement shakes are known to improve weight loss, and lion’s mane, based on the latest scientific research, is a promising cognitive enhancer.

Other ingredients like fruit juices, probiotics, vitamin complexes, minerals, and fibrous root powders are simply broken-down elements of whole foods that provide their benefits in a convenient form that you can drink.

Whole foods are the best sources of micronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fibres we need to feel our best. vybey harnesses these to create nutritionally complete products.  

Summing Up

vybey is good for you and provides a welcome alternative to time-consuming meal preparation and inconvenient eating.

You can whip up a shake or drink with vybey and fuel your body with healthy ingredients that boost your energy and make you feel good.

Thousands of happy customers have switched from standalone supplements and protein shakes to vybey. Join us to enjoy better nutrition.

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  2. National Library of Medicine

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