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Under the microscope: vybey and Soylent

Soylent, one of the US market- leaders in the meal replacement industry, is going under the microscope.

The Main Takeaways

Soylent and vybey can be both considered as a 100% nutritional meal, however Soylent's claims are debatable due to high amounts of added sugar.

Additionally, certain premium ingredients included in vybey arguably make it a superior product.

Premium ingredients as nootropics & probiotics with vybey
Soylent has significantly more sugar
vybey includes a range of organic ingredients missing from Soylent
Only natural sweeteners in vybey unlike Soylent
1.5kg Pack Size 400g
$4.29 Price per 100g $3.33
>28g of protein per 100g
>8g Fibre
26 Vitamins and Minerals
>1bn CFU probiotics
1.9g Sugar per 100g 16.0g
Natural sweeteners
Available in Australia


Organic & Premium Ingredients

vybey has numerous organic ingredients including coconut flour, flaxseed flour, brown rice protein and cocoa powder. Again, highlighting the premium and healthy ingredients of vybey's meal replacement shake.

Our vybey flavours and sweeteners come from 100% natural sources, where Soylent's flavours and sweeteners aren't natural. Additionally, Soylent has 8x as much sugar as vybey.

Further, the level of fats in Soylent at 22g per 100g is also significant. This comes from their second highest ingredient, canola oil. vybey includes a lower level of essential fats with coconut fat oil and essential omega 3 and 6 inclusions.


Probiotics for gut health

Compared to vybey, the Soylent powder does not contain any probiotics compared to vybey's 1billion cfu.

Probiotics are a healthy form of bacteria that improve gut health and digestion. Our internal health is just as important as our external appearance and for this reason, we've ensured vybey has as many unique benefits as possible to offer a premium product. These additional premium ingredients arguably set vybey far ahead of local and global meal replacements in Australia & Europe/UK.


Added Nootropics

At vybey, along with the 26 different vitamins and minerals within our complete meal powder, we have included the Lion's Mane nootropic.

To our knowledge we are the only meal shake brand that includes this premium ingredient in our products. Lion's Mane is an edible and naturally occurring medicinal mushroom. Lion's Mane has been shown to benefit the brain, heart, and gut and even ranks fourth for the highest antioxidant level among 14 different species of mushroom.


Higher Protein

At vybey, we knew our vybers wanted more protein for optimum recovery and premium quality. This is what we gave them in the form of high end pea protein, organic brown rice protein and the new faba bean protein. Such proteins have been very well received across the vybey community across Australia and more recently Europe.

Primary objective of the vybey and Soylent shakes is to offer nutritionally complete meals and it can be said that both products achieve this. However, choosing an option that contains natural ingredients and a healthy dose of probiotics, protein, organic, and premium ingredients such as Lion's Mane nootropic, will help contribute to achieving optimal performance, greater nutritional benefits and ultimately better health.

Hear what our vybers have to say about our products

“vybey is the only meal shake I can feel there's absolutely nothing missing. Perfect balance between complex carbs and protein I need, high in fibre and good fats, plus all the vitamins and nootropics that I never found in any other meal shake in the market.”

“This really is a great product! I've tried a lot of protein / meal replacement products over the years, but vybey's taste is right up there.”

“Can't recommend these products enough - tasty & hit all the nutrition!”

“A great product, brilliant taste and even better value for money. Couldn't recommend enough! Quick delivery too”

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