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When Should I Have My Meal Replacement?

by Team vybey |  | 1 comment

There is no right or wrong time to have a meal replacement drink. The perfect time is whenever suits you best, there are no rules. Whether you’re looking for a quick on-the-go breakfast, a post workout refuel or a light dinner, a meal replacement is definitely the optimal go to.

The majority of us have experienced being tight for time and having to sacrifice our food choices. Whether that be the panic of running to catch the train to make it into the office for a 9am meeting or making sure we get to our gym class on time, you know, the one we optimistically booked earlier in the week. In these situations, we dream of a convenient, total nutrition fix that will set us up for the day without wasting any time. Thankfully, this is no longer just a dream.

The convenience of vybey is why it is a real game changer. Gym goers who rely on getting their pre or post-workout energy boost can easily grab a vybey when they don’t have time to make a meal. Commuters can keep a vybey meal replacement shake handy in their bags to make the dreaded, early morning commute to work that little bit better. Busy professionals who are having one of those long days in the office, can grab a balanced meal without having to disrupt their flow - although we encourage adequate breaks! On-the-go parents can enjoy a delicious, nutrient packed drink that boosts their energy, so they can run around after the kids. Being deprived for time doesn’t have to equal being deprived of a healthy/balanced diet.

Anytime is the best time to have a meal replacement drink. However, if you can’t decide when to have yours, here are four suggestions of when you can try;

1. A Kickstart Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a common mistake made by many of us who are always on the go. Alarmingly, some studies show nearly half of Australians are skipping breakfast due to lack of time1! Breakfast restocks the body’s energy and nutrient stores in the morning after not eating for up to 10 hours. By skipping breakfast, you risk high fluctuations in your blood glucose levels, which can lead to you not being able to control your appetite and therefore, grabbing fast food later on in the day2. It is common for people to not feel hungry in the morning or not have time to cook a nutritious meal. This is why breakfast is the perfect opportunity to have a convenient meal replacement shake to kickstart your day!

2. A Satisfying & Affordable Lunch

It can be very easy at lunch time to go to the local fast-food shop or grab a sandwich from a local supermarket. It is seen as a convenient way to grab a bite to eat for those who don’t have the time to prepare a nutrient dense meal. However, this can make you feel sluggish after, as these foods are optimised for taste rather than nutrition. Lunch time is the ideal chance to instead grab a vybey, which is packed with 26 vitamins and minerals, high protein and also tastes delicious. This wont leave you feeling sluggish after!

In Australia, a typical lunchtime meal costs upwards of $10 which can certainly add up over time! vybey comes in at the very affordable price from $4.99 per meal shake. This can save you an extra $5 per day to spend on other important areas of your life.

3. A Healthy, Yet Effortless Dinner

After having an overdue catch up with some friends over a substantial lunch, the last thing you want to do is to go home and cook a big meal. You’re walking home, admiring the Australian sunset, brainstorming ways to get a light, healthy and nutritious meal, minus the complicated recipe. There are not a lot of options, however, you suddenly remember about the vybey sitting at home, calling your name.  vybey is the perfect way to ensure you are still getting a healthy meal even when you are not in the mood to cook. The best meal replacement drinks are the ones that provide your body with the essential nutrients needed to live a healthy lifestyle. They are definitely an easy but effective way to maintain a balanced diet.

4. Pre/post Workout

vybey can be used both pre or post workout. Prior to exercise, you need to supply your muscles with the energy that is required to perform your workout. It is important that this meal consists of protein and carbs so the body can digest them efficiently and put them to good use. During your workout, your energy supplies rapidly decrease, resulting in a need for a post work out meal to replenish this lost glycogen and repair muscles that were used during the workout 3. The post-workout meal should also include protein and carbs4. Protein is specifically important as it contains amino acids, the building blocks used for growing and repairing muscle5. With complex carbs and 21g of protein, this is something vybey can easily offer. If you are short for time and overthinking about what to cook as a pre/post workout, a meal replacement shake is a no brainer. There is also no need to worry about desperately trying to find a fridge in your gym to store your vybey, thankfully, it still tastes great non-chilled.

Now that you know some of the popular ways meal replacement drinks are used, you can easily decide which one works best for you.

There are a number of opportunities during the day to enjoy a vybey. Whether you’re tight for time and needing a balanced/nutrient packed meal or looking for a deliciously filling snack, you can always rely on vybey to meet your needs!



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    • Jo on August 20, 2021

      I have been drinking Vybey for a few days now and found that adding a banana and some honey to the mix greatly improves the taste. I also like that it is less watery. Adding ice blocks is also nice as I find it tastes better cold.

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